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Our mission is to work with, and promote, charities that use no less than 85% of the personal donations they receive, for programs.

To give clarity to individual donors that want assurances their donation is going to their cause and not expenses, salaries and other administrative expenses.

To get back to the belief of true charity & altruism


Simply, CharityClear charities can be certified to use the CharityClear symbol if they:

1. Have full transparency in their funding, donations, and administrative expenses.

2. Post their IRS 990 forms prominently on their websites.

3. Allow individual donors the control to restrict their donations up to 100% for programs.

4. At no time will administrative expenses exceed 15% of funding

General Information

Getting back to true charity, altruism, and volunteering

All people associated with CharityClear donate their time, effort, and money.